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NYJavaSIG - 04/14 Meeting - Jini/JavaSpaces and WebServices

Frank D. Greco
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For those in the NY area:

Who: Alexander Krapf, Codemesh
Rami Rinot, IntaMission
Oliver Zeng, Bear Stearns
When: Wed April 14, 2004
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: Sun Microsystems
101 Park Avenue (40th St), 4th Floor
NY, NY 10176
Gramercy Park Room (#4140)


Distributed computing has been too hard for too long. Whether it's
solving a complex problem like quantitative finanical modeling, weather
forecasting, or a relatively small problem like multi-player gaming,
distributed computing has required the best minds. Enter JavaSpaces
and Jini, Sun's networking technologies. The simplicity and loosely
coupled nature of JavaSpaces and the dynamic infrastructure of Jini
have presented great potentials to change that and bring distributed
computing to you. This talk will demonstrate that JavaSpaces and Jini
make writing reliable and scalable distributed applications much simpler
than you might have experienced or imagined, and more importantly, they
make it possible to evolve your applications as requirements change and
build complexity incrementally through the composition of simple things.

Jini and JavaSpaces, imho, are the best things to come out of Sun since...
well... Java itself. Its time we learned more about these powerful,
yet elegant tools.

Alexander Krapf - Javaspaces/Jini in a Web Services World
Rami Rinot - Model Driven Integration with AutoevoSpaces
Oliver Zeng - Jini and JavaSpaces in Finance

Imo, its time to leave the mindnumbing complexity Of EJB and the static
nature of XML behind and look seriously at simple yet powerful dynamic
tools like Jini and JavaSpaces to address real-world problems.

Frank G.
| Crossroads Technologies Inc. |
| www.CrossroadsTech dot com |
| fgreco at REMOVE!cross!roads!tech!dot!com|
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