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Struts / tiles ignore tag in tiles:insert not working

Rich M
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The ignore attribute in a tiles:insert tag is resulting in an error
that does not prevent the page from rendering properly but I'd like to
get rid of the error message so the admins stay happy.

Tile definition (partial)
definition name="AdvResultsOverTime" path="/struts/page/AdvMain.jsp" >
<put name="section" value="3" />
<put name="titleTxt" value="Results over time" />
<put name="body" value="body.AdvResultsOverTime" />

<definition name="body.AdvResultsOverTime"
path="/struts/body/Body3Col.jsp" extends="AdvResultsOverTime" >
<put name="col2Comp1" value="AdvResultsOverTime_Col2Comp1.jsp" />

JSP (partial)
<td id="pad_T14_R10_L20" valign="top">
<tiles:insert name="col2Comp1" ignore="true" />
<tiles:insert name="col2Comp2" ignore="true" />

The error
<Mar 5, 2004 10:19:25 AM PST> <Error> <HTTP> <101214> <Included
resource or file
"/struts/body/col2Comp2" not found from requested resource

I'd like to reuse the jsp for definitions that have a col2Comp2 and
those that don't. Seems like that is the purpose of ignore. Any help
would be great.

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