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Re: Ada performance (was No call for Ada )

Joona I Palaste
Posts: n/a
MSG <(E-Mail Removed)> scribbled the following
on comp.lang.c:
> I replaced the dead Java group with comp.lang.fortran - maybe they'll
> clue us in on the matrix multiplication performance issues (or at
> least keep Adaists from feeding us strange explanations).

You couldn't be bothered to find a _live_ Java group instead, such as Followups set to comp.lang.ada and

> To recap the discussion (or my understanding of it) :

> 1. GNAT, an Ada compiler, is a front end to GCC and so should use the
> same "window" (i.e. local) optimizations GCC does

> 2. Arrays are unaliased in Ada (as I understood), much like in
> FORTRAN, which may be beneficial in terms of performance (given that
> the compiler takes advantage of this, and I believe, in case of GCC,
> it does)

> 3. Ada is compiled to native code and isn't garbage collected, which
> puts its execution mode in the same language group with C, C++ and
> Fortran

> And yet, dispite all of these (especially (1)). GNAT did not fair as
> well as GCC and G++ (I'm sure G77 would have done at least as well).

> P.S. BTW is the code generated by IFC as fast as G77 on modern CPUs
> (P4 and Athlon)? Is it worth bothering with IFC on benchmarks, etc.?

/-- Joona Palaste ((E-Mail Removed)) ------------- Finland --------\
\-- --------------------- rules! --------/
"Stronger, no. More seductive, cunning, crunchier the Dark Side is."
- Mika P. Nieminen
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