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Running a non-EJB in an application server (Websphere)

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I have a JAVA application which process financial messages received
from the outside world via MQ Series or TCPIP. Essentially it is a
black box. Message in, message out.

The app consists of 2 separate processes - an interface program which
accepts and replies to requests, and an backend component which does
the actual work. The two components talk together using Java RMI.

The application is NOT written as EJBs. Neither does it have any
web-related functionality. It is normally released as a few Jar files,
and run via a script (in turn run as a system service on NT). The
script starts the backend component, the interface component and the
RMI registry using several calls to
java <component name>

Now, I have a client who wants (because it is his "standard") to run
the app under Websphere. So I downloaded the trial of Websphere, but I
can't see how I can run a non-EJB application. It seems I need to
create an EAR file and a "deployment descriptor" for the application.
Is this possible for non-EJBs? Everything I see on the web is about
building EJB apps and Web applications. I have pointed out to the
client that these are the normal usage of Websphere, but he says it
should be possible to use Websphere simply as a "container" for the

Can anybody tell me whether (a) this should be possible, and (b) how I
might make a start on getting it running?


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Barney wrote:
> Can anybody tell me whether (a) this should be possible, and (b) how I
> might make a start on getting it running?

Make it a servlet, package in a war and specify load-on-startup in
your web.xml file.

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