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Looking for "full lifecycle".....blah blah blah.

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Does anyone else but me get tired of seeing this buzzword "full
lifecycle" being misused? First's not specific. It's more
often than not implied that they want someone who can do the whole
lifecycle. ie: a swiss-army-knife developer who can do the entire
waterfall or set of iteration cycles (whichever they use). As far as
organizing groups as a manager or director this is find but I find
they seldom mean this. It seems they want someone who will do
everything to include shrink wrapping and putting price stickers if
necessary. ie: they want the writer of code to test the code too.

I don't think it's possible (other than the very small project gig) to
be in any kind of software shop and not have at least two IT staff in
development: one developer and one tester/QA person. But this kind of
thing seems pervasive to have 5 "full cycle" developers and no
testers. (and they think it's great for their "ROI" (another cutesy
acronym like MSRP). The magazines all drone out these crappy buzzwords
and I think I'm in a cartoon or the forest of the knights that say

Next time someone asks me if I do "full cycle", I'll say "yah, I'm
taking spinning at 24 hr fitness".
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