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Custom taglet and inline taglets

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Hi group,

I've been altering the taglet examples from the Sun website to suit
my own needs. Goal is to have an extra "@usedby" javadoc tag to
record which other methods call a certain method.

You can find the taglet examples here (one line):

There isn't really a problem with the code, it works, but the
problem is that I can't use other inline javadoc tags _within_ my
@usedby tag.

Example comment:

* @usedby {@link Class1#method1(int arg1) Class1.method1()}<br/>
* {@link Class2#method2() Class2.method2()}

The resulting javadoc doesn't show me clickable links, but just
reproduces literally the @link inline tag, with braces and

Used By:
{@link Class1#method1(int arg1) Class1.method1()}
{@link Class2#method2() Class2.method2()}

So the question:

how to make my taglet understand other inline tags _without_
implementing it all by myself?

Thanks in advance,
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