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JAXM's demise in JWSDP 1.2 and 1.3

NahtMy ReelName
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I've been using JAXM in Sun's Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.1.
I've come to rely on javax.xml.messaging.JAXMServlet, among other things.

Apparently there's some silent demise of JAXM from the JWSDP and J2EE
scene. Sun makes no note of it in the release notes, but JAXM
is gone.

What little I've gleaned from the web suggests that IBM and BEA said
"enough is enough" with the extra XML messaging layer and have refused
to support JAXM. Pure rumor, I wouldn't know.

So what exactly are all us JAXM programmers supposed to
do when we want to drop our jar files into blessed J2EE environments
and do XML messaging?

What is the replacement logic for JAXMServlet?

I'm not sure distributing a JAXM jar file is an option since I'm pretty
sure that's a Sun Reference Implementation with the usual restrictions.
And I won't want to. I want to distribute my "xml friendly" app
into servlet container environments that have all they need with respect
to XML messaging runtime support.

It used to be that J2SDK 1.4.x and JWSDP1.1 was all I needed.
Now it's broken. What's the bend-over-and-conform-to-undocumented-standards
programmer to do?

Any help would be appreciated.

Sun Microsystems: raspberries to you for not writing anything
about this in the JWSDP release notes.

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NahtMy ReelName
Posts: n/a
Anybody have any information on this topic?

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