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Getting the KVM running on ARM Linux on an ARM processor based device

Steve Jasper
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Hi -

I'm working on a very simple wireless project that seeks to run small
J2ME applications on a thin ARM processor based device. There are some
firmware/hardware folks telling me not to worry about the hardware,
just so long as my applications run on the Sun J2ME emulator and pass
pre-verification, then they can be ported to the device once we get
some prototypes ready.

What I would like to do, so I can sleep better at night, is get an
operating system like ARM Linux ( running
on a cheap piece of ARM based hardware, get the KVM on it, and
actually see my applications run. I've read posts of folks who were
able to flash ARM Linux on an old Palm, which is encouraging. Keep in
mind that I know very little about hardware (as I'm sure you can

Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has had any success with something
like this. It would make my month if I could get a cheap used Palm off
of eBay for this purpose.

Thanks for any advice!
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