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Applets & the heap size parameter of the plug-in...

M Huenken
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Hi there,

I'm experiencing a very strange problem I don't find any solution for:

When I'm trying to launch an applet (any applet) and when I'm
reserving a certain heap space for the JVM (using the -Xmx/-Xms
options) then the browser (IE 6.0, Windows XP, Java Plugin
crashes instantaneously.

To my surprise the amount of heap space that I can reserve is always
the same. It doesn't matter how big the swap space is or how many
applications are running at the same time.

On my machine it's exactly 586M. I have 1G of RAM, experimented with
different sizes for the swap space(1-3G) and according to the task
manager it doesn't even come near the amount of available memory. In
fact it doesn't seem to try to allocate any memory at all. The browser
or the JVM just dies...

I also experimented with different option flags (classic and several
GC flags), but to no avail. Also no luck with using a 1.4.2 plugin.

I don't have this problem with Netscape btw.

Since this happens on several machines and similar problems are
mentioned at places like this one (Sun's Developer Forum), I wonder if
I just miss something or if there is a pretty serious bug. And if so,
why is there no official bug report? If this really is a bug, then
it's a fatal one...

Any ideas?

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