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Tomcat/JSP - multiple concurrent connections from same client

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I was attempting to do some testing of some thread based code, so had
a JSP with a deliberate delay loop inside it so that I could lock
something for a period of time, when I noticed the following.

I opened three webrowsers (IE) on my Windows XP box and pointed each
in turn at the following JSP page (being served directly by Tomcat
v4.1.27 on port 8080 on a Linux box):

<%@ page import="my.log.package.*" %>
int waitfor = 0;
String timer = request.getParameter("wait");
if (timer != null) waitfor = (new Integer(timer)).intValue();"jsp", "I'm here and waiting: " +

<title>Thread Test</title>

<p>Just a simple thread test.</p>

if (waitfor > 0){
for (int i = 0; i < waitfor * 1000000; ) { i = i + 1; }
}"jsp", "... finished " + request.getParameter("id"));



So the browsers were pointed at:


If I start the first two off so that they're both waiting for the loop
to finish before getting their pages, and then set the third going, it
blocks until one of the others returns and then comes through.

The logs (my custom log) confirms this.

I've tried it on another XP machine as well.

So I then did the same test, but with the first two URL's accessed on
one machine, and the third accessed from another concurrently, and all
behaved as you might expect - ie. the third received the page

Anyone any ideas what's going on? Is there some kind of
connection-per-machine thing that I don't know about?

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