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Strange Exception using XSLT from NetBeans

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Hi all,

I have a strange problem in transforming an XML file in an HTML file
using XSLT form a Java program written with NetBeans.

I utilize the javax.xml.transform class and in the computer where I
wrote the program all function perfectly, calling the input XML file,
the XSLT stylesheets and setting where to write the output HTML.

In the deploy computer this doesn't work|

The error the program has when the i set the path of the stylesheets
is the following:

"javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationExcep tion: no more input"

as the program could not read from the File System.

I utilize NetBeans as editor and the strange fact is the if I set all
the files (XML, XSLT and output HTML) in a directory into the NetBeans
path, (C:\Programmi\NetBeans) there is no error and everthing goes
well. But if only one of this files is in another directory I have
always the "EOFException: no more input".
Naturally I need these file to be in the folder I want, which is a
subdirectory of \Apache\htdoc\ in the other hard disk (D (because
these file have to be published on the web).

Surely there is some parameter to set, but I can't understand what is
the problem

Thank you
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