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Java3D: Setting Depth of Field w/ SimpleUniverse?

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Hello all.

Is it possible to set a new depth of field (View.setBackClipDistance)
when using a SimpleUniverse? I've been unable to learn a way to
extract the View being used, in order to set these values.

Once I am able to set the clip distance -- is there a way to define an
infinite depth? I'd like to zoom in and out of an environment without
limits, and with no clipping.

Thank you for any help!
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Don't know about the clipping in Java but as for the infinite depth, is it
possible? Yes and No. As far as I know you can't totally switch it off but
you can give it a very high value. It depends on the size of you're world.
But be aware! If you're using a big landscape or something with a huge depth
of view you'll most probably slow down because of that polygons that need to
be drawn.

Besides, what you're doing is not really 'zooming' I think. If you increase
/ decrease the distance between the camera and the object you're depending
on the depth of view. But you could also use the focallength of the
camera(don't know where they put that in Java but it's probably somewhere).
When changing the focallength, the camera stays at the same position but
you're view 'zooms in/out'. Never tried it but if I'm right the clipping
effect would be gone and you're not depending on the depth(unless the real
distance between the object and the cam is already too large).


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