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ATI PCIe Video Card Buyer's Guide at XYZ Computing

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"This guide is going to skim over the PCI Express video cards that are currently available using ATI graphics processing units. We will take a look at nVidia-based cards in a future article, we already have more than enough to handle. If you are buying a video card right now chances are you are investing in PCI Express; AGP is not dead but with the advantages of the 775 and 939 platforms the focus has definitely shifted to PCI Express. This means you can score some good deals on AGP equipment, but you won't find them here."
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Nice guide. I think that each person that considers himself as a heavy gamer and ATI fan, should buy at least the X800. Those games today have really high demands.
I personally have right now an XFX 6600GT AGP, and i'm quite satisified with it as it is running smoothly most of the games today (if not all of them).
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