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TMC Petshop, java performance tuning, struts

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I have recently read the results paper from the
second benchmark test run by The Middleware
Company (TMC) comparing the performance of the
Petshop application using Java solution
and .NET solutions.

This paper would be very useful I believe
to anyone who is interested in fine tuning the
performance of their application and server.

Though I have seen much discussion in this newsgroup
concerning the first benchmark test, I have seen very
little concerning the second benchmark test.

IMO the results paper seems to suggest that Java
solutions can be just as fast as .NET solutions
but that some Java solutions can be much much worse.
In particular, a java solution using struts is
unlikely to perform as well as a solution that does
not use some form of introspection (as struts does to
populate beans from forms). I have several questions
regarding these conclusions.

1. Are they accurate based on the evidence presented
in the study

2. Does anyone know the identities of the two java
servers used in the study

3. In using struts does the productivity gains outway
the performance cost and can this performance cost
be adequately mitigated by upgrading hardware.

4. Have any similar tests been run in which the Java
servers are run on Unix platforms instead of
Windows Server 2003.

5. Has anyone performing tests on their own struts
apps found similar results concerning the high
costs of the introspection process.
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