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JProgessBar designs

Abraham Khalil
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I want a JProgressBar like the one in Netscape when fetching email.
It looks something like this in order:

Status: DYNAMIC MESSAGE (Status label with dynamic message next to it)

Progress Bar [] [] ... (Each [] is a square box follow by space)

[Cancel] (Cancel button to cancel at anytime)

Now I have to create a new dialog class, something like
And have the JProgressBar as an object inside that class
JProgressMonitor doesn't solve this problem as one can't change how it
displays a fixed title and dynamic message below it. Correct me if
I'am wrong.

To have squares animating progress, would that mean to set it to
windows look and feel and stick to that?

How do we implement the Cancel button generically? Should I have
MyTask class or something and what if the other thread is busy
connecting to say a socket or url? Can the cancel button interrupt the
parent thread and dispose the dialog, or the user can be in a
situtation where
the cancel button is not resposive straight away and might take a few

Looking for best recommendations and things to watch out for when
designing it generically.

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