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access to another object

Joseph Wu
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i have 3 classes,one is call "button" , "calculator" and
"calculatorwindow" ,in the main() function of "calculator" it init an
object/instance "window" to "calculator" and what it actually does is to
create an "calculatorwindow" object and then add lots of buttons

the problem is:how can i modify the attributes of the object "window"
within the definition code of class "button" ?

all the functions and attributes in those classes are not static,but the
functions are public and can be used to revise the private attributes
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Joseph Wu
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should i init another object to "calculator" class? but is that refer to
the same attribute ?
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Roedy Green
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On Wed, 3 Sep 2003 19:27:44 +0000 (UTC), Joseph Wu
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote or quoted :

>the problem is:how can i modify the attributes of the object "window"
>within the definition code of class "button" ?

First, always capitalise the first letter of a class name.

Next, don't use names that are already taken. You just confuse others
and yourself.

So I will call your classes MainWindow and ButtonControls.

MainWindow can have public static methods that methods in
ButtonControls can call by saying something like


Alteratively, MainWindow or some other class might instantiate a
MainWindow object with new e.g

MainWindow theMainWindow = new MainWindow();

Then you can call instance methods of MainWindow with things like

These are very basic oo concepts. Normally your text book should
explain these to you. If it doesn't, see if you can find a more basic
text that does. There is lots to read online as well. See


Canadian Mind Products, Roedy Green.
Coaching, problem solving, economical contract programming.
See for The Java Glossary.
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