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Re: Midp 2.0 IDE?

Tim Tyler
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Matthew <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

: I just recently downloaded NetBeans and the sun module to be able to
: programing midp 1.0 applications with the netbean software. Is it possible
: to program midp 2.0 applications within netbeans? or are there any other
: programming IDE's that are free? Does sun intend on releasing a module
: similar to the 1.0 version? I have the 2.0 wtk installed and can compile
: midlets without any problem. I am just looking for a IDE, as I am new to the
: java programming language.

You can use almost any IDE - if you are prepared to put in a bit of sweat.

I use IBM's Eclpise for J2ME 2.0 work.

There is a J2ME plug-in for it:

I haven't tried that though - and it looks to be in the early stages.
|im |yler Removed)
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