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Miguel De Anda
Posts: n/a
Does anybody know of a place where I can get sample code to do the

Create a Swing/Awt/Applet that lets a person add shapes to the canvas and
then move/size them with the mouse? If using the mouse to move/size them is
too difficult, I don't mind have a few fields where they set the

I guess maybe a simpler question would be, what's the easiest way to have
multiple shapes on a canvas and move one of them without having big nasty

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Gary Thomas
Posts: n/a
I usually just redraw the whole image, and it's fast enough for me. If
you have a really complex image I could see refreshing a portion, but
it really depends on what your needs are. I'd try without it first.

Good luck,


Miguel De Anda wrote:
>>Use a JPanel to draw on, it is double-buffered by default. You
>>shouldn't see flickering as with an AWT Canvas.
>> Take care,
>> Gary

> Thanks, I'll start playing from there.
> Do you think that clearing the whole screen is the way to go or is there a
> simple way to only redraw the changes (where it moved from, and where it
> goes to)

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