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JMS Session related question

Sony Antony
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I was reading about JMS. I noticed that both Message ( TextMessage say
) and TopicPublisher/QueueSender are both being created from Session.
Why is this so. What was the reason behind this decision by the
standards committee.
1. Is it OK to create a TextMessage from one Session and send it
through a TopicPublisher created from another Session. ( Assume in
this case that both sessions are from the same vendor/provider ). I
understand that everything related to a session will have a
serializing effect. So in this case how will the above be serialized.
with respect to the session that created the TextMessage or with
respect to the session that created the TopicPublisher.

2. Will it work if the 2 sessions in the case above are from 2
different vendors/providers. ( Can I send a TextMessage created by one
vendor's Session through a TopicPublisher that was created from
another vendor's session. ). In other words do I have to duplicate the
TextMessage, in order to write an application that acts like a bridge.

Thanks in advance
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