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Solution for Server-Applet dilemma

Rune Andresen
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I would be very happy for some reflexion of following problem:

I need a good solution for an Applet-client(s) to proxy/server

The clients will 1)get the applet from the server 2) communicate with
eachother trough the server!
(two way communication!)

Which easy solution would be the better? I have been thinking of useing
Tomcat for this if possible(?)

Rune J. Andresen

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Steve Claflin
Posts: n/a
Rune Andresen wrote:
> Thank you for you answer!
> The communciation will be pretty simple, so I want to have, if possible, my
> own protocol.
> The problem is that I have heard that an Applet has to be signed to make a
> socket, and this could limitate useser which does not have a admin-user(?)
> Is there other solutions which could be better in a server. Applet
> communication for this purpose?
> Another question is: If I use JDK 1.1 (which does not include encrytion!) ,
> could I include the Java security file that comes with JSSE with the applet?
> Thank you
> Regards
> Rune J. Andresen
> "Markus Reitz" <(E-Mail Removed)> skrev i melding
> news:bifpld$c9l$(E-Mail Removed)
> > Hi,
> >
> > it depends on the communication between client and server. If you are

> using
> > your own communication protocol, a quick solution is to write a mini

> server
> > for this purpose (-> ServerSocket).
> >
> > Could you post some more details?
> >
> > Bye
> >
> > Markus

Why not send all communications through the server? To do this you'd
probably have to set up some sort of database or other way of tracking
the state of the communication. Your server might allow opening of
ServerSockets to directly obtain connections from the applets, but it is
unlikely that your host would allow that. In lieu of that you would
need another method of communicating, like Http.

You might be able to set up some sort of multi-user session, although
I'm a bit apprehensive about using the same session id from two
different remote locations.

Your applets could either use RMI to communicate back to the server or
use a HttpURLConnection to query back to a servlet. It seems like you
would have to use a polling strategy in your applets to continuously
check to see if there is a message queued to be read.

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Markus Reitz
Posts: n/a

what kind of communication happens between applet and server? Should the
applet store any data on the server?


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