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Re: Sending bytes and string over sockets

Gilles Dubochet
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Have you tried wrapping the Socket's Output Stream in a ?

You have a bunch of lovely functions such as writeByte (and even
writeShort to write two bytes directly), writeChars, etc.

I think you can use this class to write first the length using writeByte
or writeShort, and then go on with your String using writeChars.

Of course, there are other solutions, such as using String's getBytes
function to get a byte array, concatenate it with the two bytes for the
length and then use a basic write(byte[] b) method on the socket

I think the first solution is more pretty. I hope it will do it.

Best Regards, Gilles Dubochet.

> I am trying to accept client connections (ILE RPG ) and the format
> of the protocol is such that in my Java Server I should be sending the
> data packet which is preceded by the hex value of its length. The
> lenght wud be in two bytes. and the data wud follow then, the data has
> to be ascii text.
> So to send a string "hello" I would have the packet look like
> 1st byte = 0
> 2nd byte = 5
> 3-7 = hello
> where the first 2 bytes are the lengths of "hello" in hexadecimal
> converted to bytes.
> Now my problem is the first 2 are sent over as bytes whereas the
> remaining are simple strings, how can i concatenate the bytes and the
> string and have the entire thing sent over as a string.
> I think i am missing something
> Do i need to use a special dataStructure ??? I am all confused please
> help

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