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RMI issues when pullin' a network cable

Joe Bob Anonymous
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So, I've used RMI with much happiness over the past year or so.

My ONLY issue is when I pull a network cable out of a server machine
that is running an rmiregistry on it. If I use a client to talk to
it... the client always just hangs... forever... until I hook the cable
back in.

Is there a way to be able to have the client determine better if the server
is simply not there to respond?? I would expect an exception... but nada comes

I've heard of "timeout" solutions... but if I have a process that remotely could
take 5 minutes... I don't want to kill that process. On the other side, I'd hate
to wait 5 minutes to find out nothing was ever going to happen as the machine's
not even on the network.

Help!! Thanks in advance!!

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