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Problem: JSP apparently not receiving query string from MSIE

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I will apologize in advance because I am certain this has an easy and
obvious solution, but I simply cannot see it.

My JSPs are displaying differently in different browsers -
specifically, everything seems to work fine in Mozilla, but not in
MSIE. The pages in question provide access to an archive, and should
retrieve an article that is particular to the date specified. If the
date argument is null the page displays the most recent article by

When the link is clicked within Mozilla the page displays properly,
but when the link is clicked from within MSIE the most recent article
is always displayed, and the value for "date" seems always to be null.
This is true even though the query string is displayed properly in the
address bar.

I have tried adding cache-disabling <META> tags to the JSPs, and have
tried specifying the charset to be iso-8559-1 (or is it 8859?
whatever), but the behavior of the pages does not change.

Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.

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