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Re: Eclipse using nested packages

Tim Tyler
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Gary <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

: I'm trying to create nested packages in Eclipse, like:

: com.mydomain.myproject

: That sort of thing. But, I can't seem to get Eclipse to do that, I
: don't find any docs saying that I can't.

: Can someone clear this up for me? Is it possible? Will they include
: that in a future release?

: I wish they would, because I can't really make anything without it, at
: least, not anything major.

Eclipse can use package names with multiple elements in.

It can also navigate such packages as a heirarchical tree, with
each package name a node in a tree, with collapsable branches.

You create them using New->Package - or New->Other->Package from
the right button menu.

Or create them using the filing system and then hit "refresh" on the project.
|im |yler Removed)
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