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Java and Multiport Serial Port

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I am trying to establish serial communication via
one of the port of RocketPort multiport serial Port
using Java 1.4 on RH 9.0. I had installed rxtx as a

For the code
String commPort ="/dev/ttyR6";
CommPortIdentifier portId =
CommPortIdentifier.getPortIdentifier ( commPort );
Things work fine if I use commPort ="/dev/ttyS0" but
with "/dev/ttyR6"(which is one of the rocketport port)
it causes exception.

The card is properly configured and I had tested
/dev/ttyR6 is working using od -tx1 /dev/ttyR6. I am
executing all this as root.

Moreover using
Enumeration ports =

and listing the ports list only /dev/ttyS0 and
/dev/lp0 as the available ports.

I am quite new to Java, so I am not sure, but do I
need to use CommPortIdentifier.addPortName to add the
/dev/ttyR0-6 port.

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