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Struts: module relative path puzzle

Ronald Fischer
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When using an <html:image ...> tag, I can specify the image either
via page='FILENAME' or via src='FILENAME'. In the former case, FILENAME
is looked up relative to the current module, while in the latter, it
is used relative to the base directory of my application.

On my attempt to understand an existing web application, I found by looking
at the generated code that the page and the src attributes indeed resolve
to different pathes, but I have not found the place where the module relative
path is defined!

For example, the tag <html:image page='foo'> is transformed to the HMTL tag
<img src='jsp/foo'>. How does Struts know that the module path is 'jsp'?

I looked at web.xml and found that the feature of having different modules
is not used at all. There is only a single entry


but no init-param of the form, say, config/jsp. I guess that struts considers
this as a degenerated case consisting of one and only one module.

I also looked at the struts-config files mentioned in the config entry, but
it consists only of form bean definitions and various action mappings.
Nowhere is the jsp directory mentioned.

Could some friendly soul help me to solve the puzzle?

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