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Re: Java Thread

Manish Jethani
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pablo wrote:

> I have a big thread problem in Java. I need to kill a thread that is
> the issue. But when I try to kill a thread (with a jni API to C) the
> JVM doesn't deregister this thread. Somebody can help me please.

What are you doing here?!! Let me guess... you're making a JNI
call to actually kill a Java thread, using the kill syscall on
Linux! (Bingo?)

What is your motivation?

> The only thing I need is kill a thread, but when I want not with a
> clean stop procedure, like Sun recomend against thread.stop() method.

Let the thread die of its own. If you want to do something close
to killing a thread, have the run method make a check like this:

public void run()
for (; {
if (Thread.interrupted())


From outside of this thread, you just call Thread.interrupt()
on it. Also, if you're calling sleep() on the thread, then you
should catch InterruptedException and break from there.


Manish Jethani (manish.j at
phone (work) +91-80-51073488

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