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calling from another classwhy isn't oneSite not applied to int

Jucy Love
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this is the first file called
public class EventSite3
private int siteNumber;
public int getSiteNumber()
return siteNumber;
public void setSiteNumber(int n)
siteNumber = n;

this is the second file called
public class SetUpSite5
int currentYear = 2003;
int age;
EventSite3 oneSite = new EventSite3();
int number;

public void statementOfPhilosophy()
age = calculateAge(currentYear);
number = oneSite.getSiteNumber();
System.out.println("Serving you " + age + " years");
System.out.println("The number of the event site is " + number);
System.out.println("Event Handlers Incorporated is");
System.out.println("dedicated to making your event");
System.out.println("a most memorable one.");
public static int calculateAge(int currDate)
int yrs;
yrs = currDate - 1977;
return yrs;
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Joseph Millar
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On 20 Jul 2003 16:10:55 -0700, Removed) (Jucy Love) wrote:
> number = oneSite.getSiteNumber();
> oneSite.getSiteNumber(9);

Guess I don't understand this. Here you are getting the
site number before it has ever been set, then you are
making an invalid call, getSiteNumber() does not take an
int as a parameter, it only returns an int as in the
previous call. The above code will not even compile
as written.

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