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Hibernate and JTA

TH Lim
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I am using JTA as my transaction demarcation in my servlet under Orion
AppServer. MySQL is the database Orion is connected to. My code that
forces a rollback looks like this,

utx.begin(); // UserTransaction.begin()
// session is an instance of net.sf.hibernate.Session
q = session.createQuery("from Account as acc order by");
clients = q.list();
for (Iterator clientIter = clients.iterator();
clientIter.hasNext() {
Account acc = (Account);
acc.setBalance(acc.getBalance() - 500);

clients = q.list();
for (Iterator clientIter = clients.iterator();
clientIter.hasNext() {
Account acc = (Account);
log(acc.getName() + " with balance " +


I updated Account's balance to a new value and forced a rollback. So
when I reread the balance, it should give me the previous value.
Right? What have I done wrong here? It works with Hibernate own's
transaction mechanism. Pls. advise.Thank you.
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