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Resin/JNDI: object lifecycle

dhek bhun kho
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Hi there,

If anyone could help me out or provide suggestions on where to look I
would be more than grateful.

Some background:

I registered for free servlet/jsp hosting service. (

0) They seem to be using the Resin servlet container running Compaq's JDK
for Alpha.
1) It's not possible to connect the server using the remote debugger
interface. (no permission to launch new sockets)
2) The default initial JNDI context is a com.caucho
com.caucho.naming.MemoryContext instance
3) Web application deployment is customised and I do not the ability to
define things using the web.xml or define other servlet- or filter-mappings.
4) The initial context does not implement javax.naming.event.EventContext


I was hoping to use jndi services to handle some persistent objects, and
as a test drive I just bound a String like this:



When I perform the lookup the first few times, I can retrieve the the
binding without any problems. Then after a undefined (short) period, the
whole JNDI tree is cleared!

I can't register a listener to the context to get a notification due to
the removal of any bindings. Nor can I find any documentation on how and
why the custom bindings are cleared at all.


Is it regular behavior for a JNDI context to just dump it's bindings? If
not, what is happening?

I am thinking of resorting to the use of file system context to work
around this.

Thanks in advance,
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