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Urgent: Client/server Message queue in java--how to?

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I am writing a huge client server application. My initial approach for
the communication was to use many client threads at the server which
will listen for the clients. but now i think creating so many threads
is inefficient. so i want to
have a message queue at the server where the cliets cud deposit the
msg. and a few threads in the server will pick msgs from the queue and
process them.
my question is hoqw to do this message queue in JAva?????

thanks in advance
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Roedy Green
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On 1 Jul 2003 22:07:48 -0700, Removed) (sriram) wrote or quoted

>my question is hoqw to do this message queue in JAva?????

look into various servlet wombs.


These are various environments where such multithread pooling are done
for you.

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