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Re: How to parse a mail

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GaryM <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<Xns93A6DF99B64B1R3344324357788499939@216.168 .3.44>...
> Removed) (Van Glass) wrote in
> news:(E-Mail Removed) om:
> >
> > When getting the body of the message you also need to consider the
> > possibility that the body could be a multipart/alternative
> > message. For example the body could contain a text/plain message
> > as well as a text/html message. In this case you will need to
> > decide in your code whether you want the text/plain or text/html
> > version of the message body.
> >

> In the code I have shown, provided the mail InputStream is rfc822
> compliant, this is not a concern, i.e. the message will be
> constructed with associated attachments with their mime encodings.
> In this case of multipart/alternative you can parse each part out
> separately once the message is constructed.
> Gary


Which one would be the method to get the body? I cannot find any in the api...

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