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To bean or not to bean...

Benjamin Stewart
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I posed this to the beans newsgroup, but it isnt very active, so I
thought I would post here as well. I appologise for the cross post.


We are currently developing an applicaton that we are implementing using
java and struts. In the future we may migrate this application to
another type of UI (standalone application for example).

I am finding that I need to be bean compliant to use within struts,
which is fine. I have done some reading about beans, and I am unable to
find out what we do with the following issues;

1. Constructors that take parameters, does beans allow this in anyway at
all, how do I get the same functionality.

2. Methods that validate something (one of our functons isProductValid()
is an example).

3. Static methods, we run a number of these and not sure how beans will
behave with me trying to execute a static method.

I have been told that in a classic sense if I am going to use set/get i
am actually setting or getting a particular private attribute within the
class, do I need to change the way I think about set/get with reference
to java beans ?

Like I say, I have done google search for this stuff, but not able to
find anything specific, if there are sites out there that cover this
stuff, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks for your help/suggestions.


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