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Re: Tool for Visualizing external / internal metod calls

Ira Baxter
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"Linus Nikander" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:axxKa.6257$(E-Mail Removed)...
> After trying to manually reverse-engineer a piece of code i've been handed
> using Visio I figure someone must have developed a tool that can do
> automatically in 5 minutes what took me 2 hours.
> What I need is a tool that i can tell to "start with this method call, and
> show me what happens" . The tool would then go through the sourcecode
> visually mapping dependencies for that particular call. Prefrebly i'd be
> allowed to specify which calls I want to be part of the resulting diagram
> (internal calls, external calls, object instatiation). The result would
> ideally be shown in an easy to understand graphical format whice i'd be
> allowed to add my own comments to.
> Anyone know of a tool that fulfills any/all of the above ? I've reverse
> engineered the code using Rationals XDE, but within XDE I haven't found a
> tool to help me trace the dependencies of a specific "top-level" method
> call. The XDE overview genereated was probably correct in itself. The
> problem was that I've got several thousand classes of essentially

> sourcecode to try and understand, getting all of it in a single diagram
> doesn't help much, i need to be able to drill down further.
> //Linus Nikander - Removed)

The DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit could probably do this relatively
It has a full Java front end, builds compiler data structures (ASTs) for an
system of software with full name and type resolution.
From there, it can be customized to extract all kinds of interesting
including what you are requesting. One example of extracted information
is a full cross reference according to the language rules; see our
Java Source Code Browser (and especially the example of it) at

To learn more about DMS,

Ira D. Baxter, Ph.D., CTO 512-250-1018
Semantic Designs, Inc.

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