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Re: Should I use RMI?

Linus Nikander
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Not an answer to you question but a piece of advice:

If you keep object instatiation on the server you'll be in control of the
game rules because you'll be able to implement checks at the server that
decides if an action is legal or not. If you allow the clients to instatiate
their own objects then any reasonably competent programmer could make their
own client which doesn't abide by the rules you originally intended and thus

I.e if you wan't to make a more secure game then client objects are out of
the question. If RMI is the right man for the job i'll leave for someone
else to answer.


"Fernando" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) om...
> I am trying my hand at writing a turn-based network game application.
> Its a simple app with a TCP connection between two machines, one
> acting as a server the other as client, sending each palyers move
> across to each other.
> My question is whether i am right in thinking that using RMI would eba
> godd way to achieve this?
> Each participant has individual objects that they control, but which
> are acted on by other players, my idea is to have both players having
> remote access to each other objects thus being able to operate on
> them.
> Is this a wise way to go about it? Is there another way?
> Is it easier (for my purposes) to just have each player instantiate
> thier own local objects and then communicate thier actions to each
> other via the TCP connection and then updating their own respective
> local objects?
> Thanks
> Fernando

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