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Referencing separately compiled apps
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In one of my recent projects , I am planning to split the work as a
core application and 3 separate modules ( applications)
that provide other functionalities.

I want to be able to develop the modules independently and then copy
the aspx pages and the dll into a sub directory of the core webapp.
The core application should be able to call those pages.

Currently calling the module page fails since it cannot find the
codebehind logic in the core dll. How do I programmatically make the
module aspx page get its own dll but still work in the http context of
the core web app.?


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You could always create two multiple web applications that run under a
single domain...
which can then link to each other.

Otherwise, if you want a single application where parts are developed
as separate projects, then you need a portal framework. You need to
load assemblies containing modules at run time, and load them into a
page. There are numerous open source and commerical portal frameworks
on the market. Each lets you create a custom "module" that defines a
related set of functionality. Then has some way of letting you create
pages dynamically and placing your peices of functionality on those
pages. A portal typically has one physical page on your server,
default.aspx. This page contains a control or some kind of helper that
processes the current request and places the requested content on the

here are a couple of products:
DotNetNuke - the most populate open source option. It is really
popular for hobby / personal sites. but it is also used in business. Pages Urls look like this:

Rainbow Portal - An alternative to DNN, but functions very similarly.

Both DNN and Rainbow are based on Microsoft's IBuySpy.

XQuiSoft - A commercial framework in in beta. My site runs on this
framework. The urls look like this (which are more friendly than DNN):

CMS400.Net - Another commerical framework.

Kentico -

See each products site for full product details.

Michael Lang
XQuiSoft LLC

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