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Cookieless Session ID in Query String

Tom Cole
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When a client has cookies turn off, our application uses the ASP.NET 2.0
cookieless session which puts the session id into the URI. Is there anyway
to make it use a query string instead?

Here's an example of what we have:


This is what we would want:


The reason for this requirement is because the first url runs havoc on our
web analytics. The software keeps thinking that the session token is a

Thanks so much for your assistance,
Tom Cole

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unfortunately to do what you want requires that you manually set your
querystring. Links could be dynamically built using a database, but that
would require a major re-write of your system.
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I suggest you read up on your web analysis software's documentation.
Most of these packages have some kind of pre and post filtering that
would let you clean the url. Failing that, consider using Microsoft's
Log Parser tool (google it, version 2.2 I think) to pre-process IIS's
logs, stripping out the session path with a regular expression before
you hand the logs to your analysis tool.

- Oisin

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