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passing values between controls
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Hi all, learning the is a slow process... but I am plodderign
along. I have hit a bit of a snag - I have 4 pages of code here...
default.asx... default.asx.vb

relevant details (i think) on default.asx:
<uc1roductList ID="ProductList1" runat="server"
OnPreRender="getSelectedProduct" />
<uc2roductDetails ID="ProductDetails1" runat="server" />

on default.asx.vb:
Protected Sub getSelectedProduct(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
Response.Write("TEST: " & ProductList1.selectedProduct())
End Sub

To this point the system actually works. When i select a product in the
1st User Control, it is displayed on the main page, however, I need to
take this one step further... base what happens in UC2 on what has
happened in UC1.

what would I type in UC2, to reference to get the value of the
selection in UC1 ?

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