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How to use - Eval("SomeItem") in a code-behind

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I am using Visual 2005 (and 2.0)
Let's say that in a Web Project, I have created a (Dataset?) called
On it I have a TableAdapter called SomeTableTableAdapter and a query called

In an aspx page I used an ObjectDataSource, and chose as the business object
SomeDataSetTableAdapters.SomeTableTableAdapter, then the method
On the aspx side of the page I have a have a FormView with various objects
(labels) displayed that use the Eval("SomeItem") syntax to render.

Question: How would I assign a label value programmatically in the
I tried Label.text=Eval("Something1") copying it form the source of the aspx
page, but it did not work.

In 1.1, there was a whole riggamarole that was necessary, writing
class files etc, then instantiating them in the page.aspx.vb... Is there an
easier way to do it in 2?



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