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Re: Ugly grey bar on the bottom of Firefox window
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RyeTronics wrote:
> I tried to update to Firefox 1.5 RC 1 and when I realized all of my
> extensions don't work anymore, I reverted back to 1.0.7.
> Once doing so, a large horizontal gray bar showed up on the bottom of
> the browser window that can't be closed. It in is red text that
> reads...
> <menuitem label="&gp.options.popup;" oncommand="GP_Options();:/>
> Anyone know what this is and how I can get rid of it? It takes up a
> good 20% of my viewable area. Thanks!

1. If you have problems with Firefox go to the Mozillazine Support
Forums - nobody asks how to repair their car at the bakers, do they?
2. By reverting back to 1.0.7, you have buggered up your profile which
had just changed compat. to 1.5 - that's why some of your extensions
now don't work! That's what the stuff at the bottom means.
3. Either go back to 1.5, install Nightly Tester Tools extension, which
will upgrade most of your old extensions for you.
4.Or, stick with 1.0.7, uninstall your extensions/themes and re-install

Good luck with it all.

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