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Problems with HttpWebRequest file upload - (403) forbidden

Roland Riess
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as an absolute web and configuration beginner I am stuck with a problem
and so I finally seek your help again:

Development tools: ASP.NET 1.1, C#, VS 2003, Windows 2000 SP4, IIS 5.0

I developped a web service that writes data from a text file uploaded
from a Pocket PC to a database, and then prepares another text file with
updated master data for download by the Pocket PC.

My current problem are NTFS rights and/or the IIS configuration. I
succeeded in getting all this working on one machine but only by
granting all rights to "everyone". But this is no real solution.

I would like to pass credentials with the HttpWebRequest for the upload
(e.g. NetworkCredential("user", "password")), and set up a corresponding
local Windows user on the machine running the web server to access up-,
download and the webservice. But up to now all my attempts failed as I
do not really understand what I have to configure where and how for
getting this to work. Mostly I end up with "...(403) Forbidden" or I'm
running into a timeout.
Is there some kind of "formula" for configuring the web site (I'm really
lost in the help of IIS) for that all elements involved (webservice,
NTFS authorisation and IIS configuration) work together like wanted? I
appreciate any kind of help!

Thanks in advance
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