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Re: Cookie Problem

R Hickey
Posts: n/a
Moz Champion <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:jT96f.164448$(E-Mail Removed):

> R Hickey wrote:
>> This is probably a little different from most cookie-related
>> problems. I _want_ certain cookies on my computer (log-in purposes,
>> etc.) yet Firefox keeps deleting them.
>> I have checked the "protect" option many times in the "Cookie
>> Culler" extension, I went to tools > options > privacy and checked
>> all options that should allow the particular cookies I want to keep
>> to remain. I typed the specific names in the box to keep them, I
>> checked all the boxes presented and have done everything I can find
>> to prevent these certin cookies from getting removed. They keep
>> getting removed...
>> I can log off, log back on and sometimes they remain. Other times I
>> log off and when I go back on, my cookies are gone. It's quite
>> annoying. Any ideas how I can protect these cookies?
>> Thanks for any help,
>> Robert

> Um, accept all cookies? <g>
> Then,you wouldnt have to worry about losing the ones you want anyway!
> <g>

In the tools > options > privacy > cookies menu I have "accept cookies"
checked and "keep until they expire" checked so I figure that was a good
start. The "good" cookies show 'allow' and the ones I don't want show
'blocked'. Some others are 'allow for session only' but this seemed like a
good start and the right settings.

Then I went to the Cookie Culler extension and made sure the cookies I
wanted to keep were marked "protect" and this is where (I think) the
problem lies. I check Cookie Culler and sometimes the cookies are still
protected and other times they have changed to 'unprotect'.

I am not sure which of the cookie-related options (tools menu or Cookie
Culler extension) is the one that has the most to do with controlling
protecting/unprotecting cookies but I have used Cookie Culler for some
time and this problem has only just recently become a problem.

Could it be FF ver 1.0.7 that is to blame? Seems the cookie problem wasn't
a problem before I installed the newest (?) version of FF.

I am going to uninstall Cookie Culler and see if that makes a difference
but would be curious to know if the extension I've used for a while or the
newer version of FF is the culprit...

Thanks for any help,

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