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If server process is running, return last page state w/ msg AND w/o allowing page code to run (db activity)

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Not sure how to go about this?

If we have a sql agent job running, we would like to keep a user from
hitting the database via our web app while this 1-2 minute job runs.
Ideally we could catch this at a higher level (httpmodule or
httphandler ?) and let them know that a job is running.

A user has made a few requests in the app and on their next request for
a page, the app checks to see if the job is running, and if so, returns
the exact same page (state and all) that they were just on with a
message alerting them that the database is offline for processing. At
that point it would try re-submitting the request again for the user or
at least would allow them to try again themselves. A behind-the-scenes
AJAX call would maybe work well here?

I could add some code to my basepage in the init, but I am not sure how
to finish the request but also prevent other events (that may hit the
database) from firing. My only thought is something with an httpmodule
or httphandler. Any help is much appreciated.


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