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Make a page to update information, show saved data from database.

Øyvind Isaksen
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I want to make a page to update articles stored in my SQL Server. Ofcourse,
the saved article information needs to be displayed in the form fields when
the page is opened. Then the user can update the information, and save it
back to the database.

I got different prosedures to display controls like RadioButtonLists,
dropdownlists and image and textboxes.
Its no problem to fill the radiobuttonlist and dropdownlist with data, but I
wonder how the best method is to make them show the stored value by default?

Is the best solution to make a procedure that declares variables with all
the information about the stored article, and use these variables as input
for the procedures that lists out data?

One more thing, if I declare a variable in one procedure, how can I use this
in another procedure? When I try to use the variable I get the error
Message: Name 'variable1' is not declared.

Thank you for all replies!!!

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Maybe try posting what you are trying to do..

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