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How do I set the CssClass for a GridView sorting link?
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If I set "AllowSorting=true" on a GridView in ASP.NET 2.0, it adds a
hyperlink to the top of each column. How do I apply a CssClass directly
to that hyperlink? I've tried every property I can find.



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I wrote a function that iterates thru all the controls recursively in
any given control and returns all of a certain type. You can use this
to find all the linkbutton in ItemCreated and set the cssclass.

private static void FindControlRecursive(Type type, Control control,
ref ArrayList arrayListControls, bool recurse)
foreach (Control subcontrol in control.Controls)
if (recurse)
FindControlRecursive(type, subcontrol, ref arrayListControls,

if (subcontrol.GetType ().IsSubclassOf (type) || subcontrol.GetType
() == type)

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