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question of class design wrt databinding

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I am facing a design problem here & need your expert design advice on

I have a class called Vendor - which has several simple attributes like
Name, Address etc
Now, each vendor has some attributes - which are not "simple"
Basically, they can be an instance of another class

for eg
Name (string)
ContactPerson (Person)
Name (string)
Phone (string)

Here, VendorName, city comes from 1 table & Contact Person data comes
from another table

What is the ideal way to make sure that I have an object instance
filled up?
i.e. load the data up-front
Vendor v = Utility.GetVendor("111"); //this will query & fill Vendor as
well as ContactPerson info
(constructs the object entirely - even though some properties might not
be read at all)

or query it seperately based on what is needed ?

Now, I need to display Vendor Name, ContactPersonName in some container
using databinding.

If it were look like below, it would be a straight binding

Name (string)
ContactPersonName (string)
ContactPersonPhone (string)

Is the design 1 valid design?
If design 1 is valid, how do I achieve databinding?

Is design 2 valid - as it helps to achieve databinding ?

I hope this is enough to explain the scenario
If not please post it here - so that I can elaborate it


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