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New 2.0 install problem

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I just got access to a newly imaged Server 2003 Standard edition machine. I
installed the .NET 2.0 framework on it and went through the Configure Your
Server wizards to make this an application server with

My problem is this, the server will not serve any .aspx pages. I have
created a new virtual directory, made it an application, and copied the files
from another working server to this directory (they were created using
Express 2005 web developer). When I request the page from my server using IE
I get the error 'Cannot find server or DNS error' I have the same problems
requesting the page while logged on to the server, or from another machine.
I am pretty sure IIS is working, because I can request a .htm file from the
same directory:
http://myserver/mysite/default.aspx -- 'Cannot find server of DNS error'
http://myserver/mysite/test.htm -- Page renders fine

I have ran aspnet_regiis -i (no errors in the install log), even ran -u
beforehand, rebooted, everything I can think of. I did not think getting to run would be such a chore.

What troubleshooting can I do to help narrow down the problem?


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