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DateTime not serialized as ISO8601 if initialized from MySQL datetime
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I just migrated my web app to .NET 2.0. Part of the app creates some
business objects from a MySQL query which is returned by a web service.
Some of those objects contain DateTime properties. Using .NET 1.1 soap
serialized a DateTime always in the ISO8601 format. e.g.
"2006-01-27T07:42:11.3014976-08:00". Now using .NET 2.0 suddenly the
DateTime objects instanciated from a MySQL query get serialized as
"2006-01-26T18:40:56". Only DateTime objects instanciated from code
e.g. DateTime.Now get fully serialized in the ISO8601 format.

Does anybody know why this happens and how to make sure the Soap
serializer always uses ISO8601?

Thanks for your help!

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