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Submit button in embedded User Control doesnt work (C#)
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I have a user control on every single page on my website. Its called
sidenav.ascx. It has a sidemenu and some extras. One of the extras is a
login div that shows only when one of the images on the menu is

It has an asp button to submit username ans password:

<asp:button id="btnLogin" runat="server" cssClass="input1" Text="Login"
Width="50" OnClick="btnLogin_Click"></asp:button>

I have a codebehind for the user control (sidenav.ascx.cs) with a class
supposed to be called when btnLogin is clicked:

public void btnLogin_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)

but it doesnt call the class. all it does is a postback and refreshes
the page it's on.

Can anybody help me out?

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If you click btnLogin in design view (assuming you are using visual
studio), does it go to the correct codebehind code for btnLogin_Click?

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Yes it does. Just tried it.

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