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Multiple Web Projects in a single solution doesn't convert to 2005

David Herbst
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I have a solution that contains one main web project, ten sub web
projects and a controls library project all in a single web
application. I followed the steps in the following MS KB:
How To Create an ASP.NET Application from Multiple Projects for Team

http://localhost/application1 (references project sharedcontrols,
module1, module2)
http://localhost/application1/module1 (references project
http://localhost/application1/module2 (references project

Now I am trying to convert this solution to VS 2005 and I am getting
build errors in all of my sub web project pages that reference the user
controls in the control library project. The error states that: "The
virtual path '/application1/module1/UserControl1.ascx' maps to another
application, which is not allowed." As the knowledge base article
instructs, in IIS I have removed the applications from the sub web
projects directories so they are merely subdirectories of the main web

Has anyone else who followed the knowledge base article tried to
convert their solution to 2005 has this problem and how did you resolve

BTW the main reason I have the sub web projects was to modularize the
web pages into eleven logical assemblies instead of having a single
monolithic assembly that needed to be deployed when ever a single web
page code behind changed. This is helpful since there are multiple
people working on this project. Is there a better way to accomplish
the same thing in 2005? For security reasons, I don't want to deploy
the web page code-behind source to the server (and let ASP.NET create
dynamic assemblies) or have a separate assembly for each web page.
Ideally I would like to end up with the same 11 web page assemblies as


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David Herbst
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The "Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects" add-in for VS 2005
allows building assemblies per DLL that are named the same as the
directory so I no longer need the sub web projects (all the web project
files go away in VS 2005 anyway).

In light of this I basically reversed the steps I followed from the MS
KB 307467 article prior to converting to VS 2005.
- Deleted all of the AssemblyInfo.cs, *.csproj and *.csproj.vspscc
files from the [sub web project] directories
- Used "Add Existing" file to add the [sub web project] web forms so
that I only have one monolithic web project, which happens to have to
have some of its files in subdirectories.
- Deleted all of the [sub web project] bin directories.
- Deleted the contents of the main web site bin directory.
- Made sure the project built one last time in VS 2003.

Then I did the conversion to 2005
- Opened the solution in VS 2005 and ran the conversion wizard.
- Deleted the old monolithic web site DLL.
- Built in VS 2005 with no problems.

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